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Beijing Huade Hydraulic Industrial Group Co.,Ltd

Hydraulic Centre of Beijing Shougang Machinery & Electrnity Co., Ltd.

BCB Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. 

Lubricants R & D (Beijing) Center of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

Beijing Yimeibo Technology Co.,Ltd

The 18th Institute of CALT

Beijng Airwater Science&Technology Co.,Ltd

Beijing Justmark Machinery&Electric Co.,Ltd

Beijing MECC Hydraulic Co.

Beijing AB Ruili Electrohydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Former China National Machine Components Corporation Co.,Ltd

Beijing Zhutong Hydraulics Electromechanical Co.,Ltd

Tianjin Park Tejing Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Tianjin Shimadzu Hydraulic Equipment Co.,Ltd

Tianjing Tiangao Hydraulic Components Co., Ltd.

Tianjing Sifang Ouye Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Tianjin O-Man Hydraulic Equipment Co.,Ltd

Tianjin Hunger Hydraulic Engineering Co.,Ltd

Tianjin Huarong Pneumatic & Hrdraulic Complete System Factory

Permco(Tianjin )Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Tianjin Shuangxiang Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Buccma Accummulator(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd

Tianjin ACE Pillar Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Zehuayuan Pump Technology Co.,Ltd

Olaer(Tianjing)Hydraulic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Precise Shaft Spook Factory of Hebei Dongan Industrial Co.,Ltd

Hebei chengong Hydraulic Componene Group Co.,Ltd

The Great-wall Hydraulic Cylinder Factory,Zhangjiakou,Hebei

Sanhe Xinhonchang Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Baoding Qingfeng Modern Agricultural Equipment Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

Wenan Aitelier Machine Co.,Ltd

Yuci Hydraulics Group Corporation

Yuci Hydraulics Co, Ltd

Yuci Yuken Hydraulics Co., Ltd.

Changzhi Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

Taiyuan Mining Machinery Hydraulic&Lubrication Equipment Co.,Ltd

Qinghua Machinery Factory of Ching Aero-Space Science&Technology Group

Shanxi Fangsheng Hydraulic Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Si Purui Machinery Manufacturing Co, Ltd.

Jinzhong Haishite Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Inner Monglia North Hauler Joint Stock Co.,Ltd

Liaoning Hydraulic Industry Co.,Ltd

Shenyang Hydraulic Elements Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Fuxin Hydraulic Components Plant

Dalian Daye Hydraulic Component Co.,Ltd

Dalian Weile Hydraulic Co.,Ltd.

Dalian Huarui Co.,Ltd,Hydraulics Equipment Plant

Liaoning Taike Hydraulics&Mechanics Co.,Ltd

Fushun Yongmao Hydraulic Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Fushun Tianbao Heavy Industry Hydraulic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Toyo Heavy Industry(Dalian)Co.,Ltd

Fuxin Hydraulic &Pneumatics Association

Shenyang Zhongzhijie Fluid Control System Co.,Ltd

Dalian Yuanjing Foundry Co., Ltd.

Dalian Jinrun Hydraulic engineer Co.,Ltd

Siping Xingzhong Hydraulics Factory

Shanghai Electrict Hydraulics&Pneumatics Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Hydraulic Component Foundry Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai High Pressure Hydraulic Pump Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Nabtesco Hydraulic Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai No1 Hydraulic Component Factory

Shanghai Yeer Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Hydraulic Component Foundry Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Lixin Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Gaohang Hydraulic&Pneumatic Assembly General Co.,Ltd

Shanghai HYDRONEW Electr-hydraulic Enginneering Co.,LTD

Shanghai Hangfa Machine Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Jiaodananyang Techuical Co.,Ltd

Haogao Mechatroncs Technology(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Dazhong Hydraulic Technology Co.,Ltd

Shanghai MESH Trading Corporation

Shanghai Spaceflight Project Research Institue

Shanghai SUNNEN Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Shanghai COSURE Electro-Hydraulic Assembly Co.,ltd

Shanghai Fulong Fluid Control Co.,Ltd

Parker Hannifin Fluid Transmission Producation(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Boschrexroth Hydraulic&Automatic Co.,Ltd

Drennan Electromechanical Equipment(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd

Kyoto Aprecision Tunnel TSK

Kompass Group Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Industrial Development Co., Ltd.- Servo Valve Department (Belong to 704 Institute)

Shanghai Chaotian Shiye(Holdings)Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Palfin Autocontrol Technologe Co.,Ltd

Hydraulik Power Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Leading Tech Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Huizuo Transmission Technology Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Prince Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Feisite Hydraulic Electromechanical Co.,Ltd

Nanjing Hydraulic Machinery Manufacture  Factory Co.,Ltd.

Jincheng Corporation

Zhenjing Hydraulic components Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou hydraulic component factory Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Zhongye Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu Dingsheng Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Nanjing Boiler Works Pressure Storage Works

Jiangsu Changli Hydraulic Cylinder Factory

Jiangsu Hengyuan Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Jiangyin Hongteng Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Jiangyin Changling Hydraulic Tool Plant

Suzhou Industrial Park Feixiang Hydraulic Fitting Factory

Kunshan Jinfa Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Hydraulic Accessories Factory

Xuzhou Huadong Hydraulic Component Factory

Jiangsu Yongfeng Machine Co.,Ltd

Yanchen Huaxing Hydraulic Machine Co.,Ltd

Haimen Hydraulic Component Plant Co.,Ltd.

Qidong High Pressure Hydraulic pump Co., Ltd.

Nantong Huadong Hydraulic Casting Co.,Ltd.

Changshu Hongfa Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Keyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Hengli Hydraulic Pneumatic Element Co.,Ltd

Jiangyin Mingcheng hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd

Changshu Dengsheng Hydrodynamic Force Co.,Ltd

Jiangsu Libang Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Bucher(Suzhou)Hydraulic Industrial Group Co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu Guorui Hydrlic Mechanical Co.,ltd

Yixing Tianyi Precision Casting Machine Co.,Ltd

Changzhou Coorun Metal Co.,Ltd

Nantong Rongda Hydraulic Foundry Factory

Haimen Youweili Hydraulic Industry Co.,Ltd.

Etton Electromagnetism Technology(Kunshan)Co.,Ltd

Kawasaki Precision Machinery Trade Co.,Ltd

Wuxi Custom Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd

Yangzhou Haiheng Electromechanical Co.,Ltd

Yangzhou Chumen Electromechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd

Hyva Mechanical(Yangzhou)Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou Precision Hydraulic Machinery&Electronic Co.,Ltd

Eaton (Ningbo) Fluid Conveyance Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Linhai Haihong Group Co.,Ltd

Leemin Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

High-Tech Fluid Power Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Huachang Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou Xizi Shipping Marine&Hydraulic Engineer Machinery Co.,Ltd

Ningbi Hydraulic Pioe Fitting

Fenghua Aolaier Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Saide Hydraulic Component Co.,Ltd

Taizhou Xianding Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

Huzhou Shengli Hydraulic Co., Ltd

Wenzhou Lownoise Hydraulic Pump Factory

Xianju Yongling Hydraulic Machine Co.,Ltd

NingBo Chuangli Hydraulic & Machine Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Jianan Hydraulic Component Co.,Ltd

Fenghua Haofa Hydraulics&Pnenmatics Co.,Ltd

Fenghua Chaori Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Huaye Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Constant hydraulic Machine Manufacture  Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Jiacheng Hydraulics Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Welcome Pneumatic & Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Dagang INI Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

Huaren Plumbing Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Wide Sky SKS Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Fenghua City Olayd Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Laike Hydraulic Equipment Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Hengtong Hydraulic Technology Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Zhongyi Hydraulic Motor Co.,Ltd

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Stronger Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Sunban Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Bolev Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Yingzhou Tongli Hydraulic&Electrical Appliance Factory

Changlin Hydraulic&Pneumatics cuffing Co.,Ltd

Zhe Jiang Song Ling Electric Co., Ltd.

Lin'an Dongfang Sliding Bearing Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Handa Machine Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Leierda Pneumatic & Hydraulic CO., LTD.

Hefei Changyuan Hydraulics Co., Ltd.

Anhui Boyi Fluid Power Transmission Joint-Stock Co.,Ltd

Fujian Longyan Hydraulic Co.,Ltd.

Fujian Quanzhou Jiangnan Oil Coolers Factory

Xiamen Yinhua Machinery Co., Ltd.

Fuzhou University Hydraulic Plant

Hidexin(Fujian)Air Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Xiamen Taitian Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Jiangxi Longgong Gearing Co.,Ltd

Jiangxi Huawu Zhonggong Co.,Ltd

Jinan Hydraulic Pump Co., Ltd.

China PLA 7313 Plant 

Dezhou Yuli Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

EATON Hydraulic System (Jining) Co., Ltd.

Shandong Taifeng Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dezhou steering Gear Plant Co.,Ltd

Jining Like Hydraulic Co.,Ltd.

Linqing Feixiang Special Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Shandong Ludun Polyurethane Products Co., Ltd.

Qingzhou Jinxing Factory of Construction Machinery Hydraulic Components

Qingdao Specil Automobile Manufacturing Works CNHTC

Shangdong Runyuan Industry Co.,Ltd

Qingzhou Tianrun Hydraulic Technology Co.,Ltd

Shangdong Changlin Machinery Group Co.,Ltd

Qingdao Huadong Machine Co.,Ltd

Shangdong Sanlimeitai Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Anyang KAIDI solenoids Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

Xinxiang Pingfei Filters Co.,Ltd

Zhenzhou Xinshi Hydraulic Machines&Tools Development Co.,Ltd

Hubei Jinli Hydraulic Component Factory

Wuhan Lidi Hydraulic Pressure Equipment Co.,Ltd

Shiyan City Jiaheng Hydraulic Machine Co.,Ltd

Shaoyang Victor Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Changde ZOOMLION Zhongke Hydraulic Co., Ltd.zoomlion

Guangdong Guangye Industry&Commerce Co.,LYD.

Foshan-KAMUI Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd.

Xinhui Northman Co.,Ltd

Alif Tech Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Aili Nanfang Technology Co.,Ltd

Danfoss International Trade(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd

Mecc Electromechanical(Shenzhen)Ltd

Intra-Italy Hydraulics (Shunde) Co., Ltd

China International Marine Containers(Group)Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Bupin Commerce Co.,Ltd

Bileshi Hydraulic Machine Co.,Ltd

Guangxi Liugong Machine Co.,Ltd

Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic Components Co. Ltd.

Luzhou Changjiang No.2 Hydraulic Component Factory Co.,Ltd.

Chengdu Chenggang Hydraulic Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Hydraulic Component Factory CSIC

Chengdu Great High Pressure 

Sichuan Mianzu Tianjian Mechanical Plant

Chongqing Waych Hydraulic machine Co.,Ltd

Liyuan Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Guizhou Fengyang Hydraulic Liability Company

Shanxi Qinchuan Machine Development Co., Ltd -Qinchuan Hydraulic Component Factory

Shanxi Liaoyuan Hydraulic System Development Co.,Ltd

"Xi'an Aero-engine Controls Company.Aviation Industries of China "

Linxia Hydraulic Component Factory

Scientific Research Institutions

The Fluid Transmission&Control Centre,Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machine Industry

Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute

Hydraulic Research Institute of CAAMS

Jingyan Company,Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery

Hydraulic Technology Research Institute,SH branch,CCMRI

 Wuxi Pneumatic Technical Research Institute Co.,Ltd

The Institute of Mechatronic Control Engineering,The State Key Laboratory of Fluid PoWER Transmission&Control

The First Design&Research Institute,MI China

Hefei General Machinery Research Institute

The Jiemai Hydraulic M&E Research Co.,Jinan Foundry&Metal Forming Machinery Research InSTITUTE

Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute(GMERI)



Beijing Zhaoqing Fangda Pneumatic Equipment Co.

Fluid Power Transmission and Control Research Center, School of Aerospace, Tsinghua University

Dalian Hongyuan Pneumatic&Hydraulic Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Xinyick Pneumatic Element Co.,Ltd

The No.3 Factory of Shanghai Pneumatic Systems Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Qingpu Pneumatic Components Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Hongda Pneumatic Complex Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Yongxing Complete Pneumatic Set Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Uniquc Automation Device INC


Shanghai Lusi Pneumatic Set Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Camozzi Pneumatic Control Components Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Huatong Pneumatic Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Jiangdu Yongjian Co.,Ltd

Yangzhou Shuangqiao Pneumatic Element Factory

Wuxi Hudai Hydraulic&Pneumatic Component Factory

Wuxi Hongxiang Pneumatic Element Factory


Wuxi Zhongyang M&E Engineering Co.,Ltd

Wuxi Huadong Pneumatic Element Factory

Wuxi Jiangnan Hydraulic&Pneumatic Equipment Factory

Rudong Huakang Machinery Co.,Ltd

Pneumatic Components Quality Supervision Inspection Center of Machinery Industry

Ningbo Lida Pneumatic Complex Equipment Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Hengming Lingtong Pneumatic Complex Equipment Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Airtac Automatic Industrial Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Eternal Machinery Co., Ltd.

Fenghua Hengling Pneumatic Components&Set Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Huayi Pneumatic Engineering Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Jiaerling Pneumatic Machinery Co.,Ltd

Fenghua Meitong Solenoid Valve Plant

Ningbo Sono Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Ningbo NewJiaXing Automatic Industry Co., Ltd

Fenghua Xingyu Electronic Co.,Ltd

Fenghua Yili Pneumatic Components Factory

Fenghua Yongxing Pneumatic Componets Co.,Ltd

Fenghua Weitai Pneumatic Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang EASUN Pneumatic Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiande Xin'anjiang Pneumatic Components Factory

Zhejiang Yuhuan Jinggong Pneumatic Component Co.,Ltd

Hengyi Pneumatic Co. Ltd.

Fenghua Pneumatic Industry Association

Ningbo Hengxing Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Xingjian Space Manufactory

Fenghua Shengning Pneumatic Mechanic-Electric Co.,Ltd

SDPC Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Baode Automation Industry Co.,Ltd

Fenghua Xinchao Automatization Component Co., Ltd.

Fenghua Xinguang Machinery Factory

Ningbo Vogue Pneumatics Industry Co., Ltd.

Fenghua Yongyi Pneumatic & Hydraulic Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Fenghua Xikou Pneumatic Equipment Factory

Zhejiang Tianao Pneumatic Co., Ltd

Ningbo Maosheng Pneumatic Machine Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Hydraulic Pneumatic & Seals Trade Assocication

Zhejiang Southman Co., Ltd

ZheJiang BLCH Pneumatic Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Yongqing Pneumatic component Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang CNTO Pneumatic Hydraulic Pressure Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou JMK Pneumatic Component Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Zhengde Pneumatic Co., Ltd.

Yueqing ZHOLO Pneumatic component Co., Ltd.

Yueqing Xingchen Pneumatic Co., Ltd.

Ningbo ISAIAH Pneumatics Co., Ltd

Ningbo Handesen Automation Industry Co., Ltd.

Fenghua Quansheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.

Yuyao Pneumatic Component Co., Ltd.

Yueqing Baoerde Pneumatic Hydraulic Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Changtong Pneumatic Co., Lt

Zhejiang CSM Pneumatic Element Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Tiantai Yanai Pneumatic Seals Co., Ltd.

Jinan Jiefeite Pneumatics Co., Ltd.

Yantai Future Automatic Equipments Co.,Ltd

Weihai Bosheng Pneumatics & Hydraulics Co., Ltd

Yantai Firstong Pneumatic Components Co.,Ltd

Yantai Bota Pneumatic&Hydraulic Engineering Co.,Ltd

Huangshi Hualin Pneumatic Complex Equipment Co.,Ltd

Guangdong Zhaoqing Fangda Pneumatic Co.,Ltd

Duanzhou Electromagnetic Valve Factory,Zhaoqing

Zhaoqing Zhicheng Pneumatic Co.,Ltd

Zhaoqing Pneumatics Association

Chongqing Xinan Pneumatics &Hydraulics Co.,Ltd

Chongqing Xinan Hydraulics &Pneumatics Complex Factory

Chongqing Shuyu Pneumatic Components Complex Co.,Ltd

Xi'an Changfeng Hydraulic&Pneumatic Center


Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute

The School of Vehicle&Transportation Engineering affiliated to Beijing Institute of Technology

China North Vehicle Research Institute

Beijing Brighty Instrument Co.,Ltd

Beijing Huifengboda Control Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hydraulic Transmission Machinery Factory of Tianjin Dingsheng Co.,Ltd

Tianjin Luke Instrument and Valve for automation Co.,Ltd

Hydraulic Element Branch Plant,Zhangjiakou Coal Machinery Co.,Ltd

Baoding Huiyang Aviation Propeller Factory of AVIC

Handan Kaiyuan Electric Coupling Co.,Ltd

Tangshan Kailan Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd

Yangquan Mingda Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Dalian Fluid Coupling Co., Ltd

Shenyang Coal Machinery Mountings Factory

Dalian Lubricating oil R & D Center of China Petroleum Group

Dalian Chuansifu Fluid Coupling Complete Set Co.,Ltd

Dalian Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd

Dalian Meitian Sanyou Electronic Appearance Co.,Ltd

Dalian Zhengshi Rubber Co.,Ltd

The Research Center of Construction Machinery&Equipment,College of Machining,Jilin

Hydrodynamic Drive Team,Energy Source College,Harbin Institute of Technology

711 Research Institution of CSIC

Shanghai Jiaoda Nanyang Machinery and Science Co.,Ltd

180 Research Institute,Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shanghai Sachs Power Transmission Parts And Systems Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Power Equipment Manufactrue&Repair Factory Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Jiaohua Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd

The Torque Converter Factory,711 Research Institution of CSIC

Shanghai Ronghui Transmission Device Co.,Ltd

Alfa laval(Shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd

Taizhou Yuanwang Heat Change Equipment Co.,Ltd

Linhai Machinery Co.,Ltd,Zhejiang

Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co.,Ltd

Wenzhou Haiyu Hydraulic Machinery Factory

Zhejiang Torque Converter Technology Co., Ltd.

Bengbu Hydraulic Machinery Plant,Anhui Heli Co.,Ltd

Anhui Power Equipment Manufacture&Repair Factory

Shantui Torque Converter Factory

Shandong Zibo Jixing Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd

Yantai Yuhua Hydraulic Machinery  Co., Ltd.

Zibo Zichuanhuahui Hydraulic Machinery  Factory

Qingzhou Beilian Industrial Co.,Ltd

Boshan Changhong Hydraulic Clutch Factory

Zhongnan Transmission Machine Factory

Changsha Third Machine Tool Factory

Changsha Shanye Hydraulic element Co.,Ltd

Guangdong Zhongxing Power Transmission Co.,Ltd

Zhaoqing Liheng Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd

Shanxi Aerospace Power Hi-tech Co.,Ltd

Mechanical Seals&Packing Seals

Beijing Beiying Hard Alloy Co.,Ltd.

John Crane Tianjin Co.,Ltd

Hebei Qiangsheng Seal Materials Co.,Ltd

Dandong Colossus Group Co.,Ltd

Burgmann Dalian Co.,Ltd

Dandong Mechanical seals Co.,Ltd

Shenyang Gaoxin Seals Technology Institute

Liaoyang City Chemistry Industry Company Hongwei Sealing Factory

Shenyang New Redstar Sealing Material Institute

Dandong TianYu Seals Co.,Ltd

Shenyang Beitan Seals Co.,Ltd

Dalian Two-Star Petrifaction Accessories Co.,Ltd

Jiarui Petrifaction Equipment Co.,Ltd,Changchun Aviation

Burgmann Shanghai Ltd.

Shanghai Minlian Mechanical Seal Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Lehe Fluid Machinery Co.,Ltd

Gore Industrial Products Trade(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd

Kunshan Cauldron-using Machinery Sealpiece Factory

The Mechanical Seals, Pump & Valve Co., Ltd. Of Zhangjiagang Shazhou Institute College

Huaqing Mechanical Seals Co., Ltd. in the Zhangjiagang Tax-free Zone

Zhangjiagang City Chemical Mechaniacal Seals Co., Ltd.

Wujin Hengtai Mechanical Seals Co., Ltd.

Zhengjiang Runzhou Electric Carbon General Factory

Wuxi Qianzhou Electric Carbon Factory

Wuxi Hushan Chemical Equipment Accessories Factory

Wuxi Petrochemical Component Factory

Dongtai Haicheng Spring for Mechanical Seals Factory

AIG Industrial Group of Companies Limited

Jiangsu Golden Eagle Fluid Machinery Co.,Ltd

Changwu Xinshe Petrifaction Accessories Co.,Ltd of Changzhou

Qianqiao Seals Factory of Wuxi

Ningbo Tiansheng Sealing Packing Co.,Ltd

Burgmann Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd. Cixi

Zhejiang Cathay Packing & Sealing Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Mechanical Seals Factory

Fenghua Feigu Kaiheng Seals Industrial Co., Ltd.

Aesseal China Ltd.

Wenzhou Changmi Seal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Dongxin Seals Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Tiancheng Mechanical Seals Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Longda Machine Equipment Co.,Ltd

Wenzhou Tiangu Seals Co.,Ltd

Wenling Luxi Mechanical Seal Co.,Ltd.

Xinyuan Industrial Material Co.,Ltd.

Cixi Hengli Packing & Sealing Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Jinshan Seals Machine Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Donglian Seals Co.,Ltd

Jiashan Burgman Seals Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang  Lantian Mechanics Seals Co.,Ltd

Yulian Seals Co.,Ltd of Ningbo Economic&Technology Zone

Cixi 801 Sealing Material Co.,Ltd

Cixi High-New(GaoXin) Sealing Material Co., LTD.

Cixi Xinxing Petrifaction Accessories Factory

Qingdao Golden Seals Co., Ltd.

Binzhou Double Peaks Graphite Sealing Material Co.,Ltd.

Zibo Santian Mechanical Seals Co.,Ltd

Jinan New Lantu Sealing Material Co.,Ltd.

Qingdao Shengming Sealing Material Co.,Ltd.

Luoyang Nengyuan Sealings Co.,Ltd

Hubei Hengda Graphite Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Dongshan South Seals Company Co.,Ltd

Sichuan Nikki Sealing Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Huaxin Seals Co., Ltd.

Zigong Mechanical Seals Factory

Sichuan Kelitie Hard Alloy Co., Ltd

Chengdu Tongchan New Material Co.,Ltd

Chengdu Chuanyin Alloy Material Co.,Ltd

XiĄŻan Yonghua Group Co., Ltd.

Guangfeng Sealings Co.,Ltd in Wusu,Xingjiang

Rubber Seals

Beijing Kaiming Trade & Industry Co.,Ltd.

Beijing Huade Guangyan Seals Co.,Ltd

Beijing Dongshan Machinical Technology Co.,Ltd

Beijing Sino-Rich Technology&Trade Co.,Ltd

Hebei Longli Seals Technology Co.,Ltd

Tieling Mascot Rubber Seals Co.,Ltd

Shenyang Lingkongaoxiang Polyurethane Rubber Factory

Fenner Advanced Sealing Technologies Seals Co.,Ltd

Nanjing 7425 Factory Chonche Group

Jiangsu Jintan Seal Piece Factory

Taicang Mingyu Seals Co.,Ltd

Zhenjiang Kintech Seals Co.,Ltd

Yangzhou South China Rubber Component Co., Ltd.

Yueqing Paker Seal Technology Co., Ltd.

Anhui Ningguo Zhongding Sealing Parts Co.,Ltd.

Qingdao Keeper Sealing Industry Co.,Ltd.

Laizhou Jincheng Rubber Products Co.,Ltd.

Zhoucheng Chengxing Coal Machine Made&Rapair Co.,Ltd

Qingdao Hailywill Sealing Co.,Ltd.

SKF Economos (Qingdao) Seal Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong CATTE Industry Co., Ltd.

Henan Zhumadian High-tech industry development zone Seiko Seals Co

Huipute Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd

Hubei Parker Seals Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Youda Seals Factory

Zhaoqing Fangfang Rubber Plastic Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

Shantou Chenghai Seals Component Factory

Guangzhou STAR Sealing Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Foshan Yida Automotive Sealing Article Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou JST Seals Technology Co.,Ltd

Guanghan Changkong Rubber Seals Parts Factory of CAAC

Changjiang Hydrolic&Seals Co.,Ltd

DUC Seals International(China)Co.,Ltd

Shan'xi Xingping Seals General Corporation

NOK-Freudenberg Group China