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Introduction of CHPSA
Aim of CHPSA
Main tasks of CHPSA
Organization of CHPSA
Contact way of the  Sub-Association




Main tasks of CHPSA    

1. Assisting the government to work out the medium and long-term development plan of the hydraulicshydro-dynamicpneumatics and seals industry and putting forward the policy proposal

2. Organizing the growth trend survey about the market and the technologysupplying the enterprises with the developing market service.

3.Cooperating with the related standardization commission to take part in the formulation and revision of national standards trade-related standards technique specifications as well as the publicity and implementation of related standards of ISO

4.Organizing the industry to carry out tackling of common quality problems of the tradeassessing and recommending high-quality products and scientific and technical achievements in the trade

5.Holding China International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition(PTC ASIA)organizing groups to visit international exhibitions and do the investigationDeveloping international communication and cooperation

6.Periodically issuing the statistics information both home and abroad the economic and technical informationestablishing and constantly improving China HydraulicsPneumatics And Seals Industry Network(www.chpsa.org.cn)editing and publishing the magazine of HydraulicsPneumatics & Sealsand other related information such as theGeneral View of China HydraulicsPneumatics & Seals Industryand the China HydraulicsPneumatics & Seals Industry Yearbook”;

7.Providing domestic and foreign enterprises with services such as special technical consultationmarket surveyasset appraisal and personnel training