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The annual industrial event in the Asia Pacific Region –PTC ASIA 2021 was successfully concluded in Shanghai New International Expo Center on October 29.


As the industry's eagerly awaited industrial exhibition in the second half of the year, this year's Hannover Shanghai industrial joint exhibition carries too much significance and expectation. Nearly 3000 well-known manufacturing enterprises braved difficulties and arrived from all over the world. They launched many heavy new products in the fields of power transmission, logistics and compressor, and jointly wrote a new chapter of "Made in China" on this large industrial platform with an exhibition area of 220,000 square meters.

PTC ASIA 2021: stand in your thirties and live up to your youth

Since its establishment 30 years ago, PTC ASIA has always adhered to the road of internationalization and specialization. It is an important display window of international power transmission and control technology in Asia. At the time of establishment, PTC ASIA is still seeking innovation. This year, the organizers broke through the traditional exhibition mode and launched more derivative activities and services outside the four-day exhibition period. Two days after the exhibition, they organized the smart factory trip of ATOS and HANSAFLEX, once again narrowing the distance between each other and truly taking promoting the exchange of power transmission industry in Asia as their own responsibility, Committed to driving the future development of the industry.

PTC ASIA launched a new theme - "breaking through boundaries and driving the future", which aims to lead the power transmission industry to break through the boundaries of inherent thinking and cognitive platform, so as to burst out new development, innovation and integration of traditional industrial industries. The exhibition attracted many guests, and nearly 1500 exhibitors, including Hydac, Argo Hytos, Hawe, ATOS, KTR, Hansa FREX, Hengli, Huade, Taifeng, Shengbang, Shanghai Electric, Yuci, YantaiFuture, Stronger, wanerfu, Sono, Xingyu, SKS, etc.