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PTC ASIA 30th Anniversary Kick-Off Meeting and Best Friends Alliance

PTC ASIA has gone through 29 years of development from 1991 to 2020, which has always been committed to "Driven to be SMART" as its responsibility. It is committed to building the best platform for international exchange, new product &technology exhibition and trade cooperation for the development of the world's fluid power industry,to make continuous progress and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation among industries, which become the wind vane for the development of power transmission industry in Asia.

In 2021, PTC ASIA is about to celebrate his 30th birthday. In order to celebrate this important moment of historic significance, the organizers of the exhibition held a special 30th anniversary release and brand friends alliance on November 5, 2020. We sincerely thank the world trade association, exhibitors and colleagues who have supported PTC ASIA for a long time. The 30th anniversary special activity plan is to open a series of activities for the 30th anniversary.

Representatives of the organizers include Cheng Xiaoxia, vice president of China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association(CHPSA); Yao Haiguang, Executive Vice President of China Machinery General Parts Industry Association; and Liu Guoliang, Managing Director of Hanover Milano Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd. And Ms.ClaudiaBarkowsky, the chief representative of VDMA Association Beijing Representative Office; Yu Jie, General Manager of FBC Japan; Lu Bo, President of pneumatic branch of CHPSA, representatives of Jiangsu Council for the promotion of international trade, as well as PTC ASIA exhibitors, core buyers and media friends.

Ms. Cheng Xiaoxia delivered a speech to the colleagues and friends who have been giving full support to PTC ASIA for a long time, delivering a good voice, and witnessing outstanding contribution of PTC ASIA to the development of China power transmission industry and technical progress, expressed sincere thanks and high respect! After 30 years of reform and opening up, China fluid power industry has maintained a steady growth and has become an important basic industry with international competitiveness since the eleventh five year plan, especially after the release of the State Council's opinions on revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry.

The achievement is achieved by the strategic positioning at the national level and the driving of the relevant national policies and measures, the transformation and upgrading of the industry enterprises, and the upgrading of the host product renewal cycle. The construction of the international cooperation industrial chain and the promotion of the cooperation projects along the way have brought gratifying economic and social benefits for the industry and the enterprises. We are looking forward to joining hands with colleagues from all over the world to welcome the glorious 30th birthday of PTC ASIA 2021, and to write a new chapter for the thriving PTC ASIA towards 30 years.

Ms.ClaudiaBarkowsky said that the fluid power industry of China and Germany will continue to promote in-depth cooperation, enhance friendship and achieve win-win results. I wish PTC ASIA 30 years exhibition a success.

Mr. KristSandvoss, global project director of Hannover Co., Ltd., also sent a video of greetings from overseas, sending sincere wishes and good wishes to the organizers, partners and Chinese exhibitors.

Liu Guoliang, Managing Director of Hanover Milano Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd., released the plan of special activities for the 30th anniversary, including the 30th anniversary tribal area, collection of old photos, new main vision & 30th Anniversary Logo, mascot & game activities, etc.

Finally, the organizer and 8 industry friends jointly came to the stage to open the energy column, launched the 30th anniversary special event, and issued certificates and group photo for the best friends.