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2020 China ASEAN Celebrating New Year and Enhancing Cooperation Activities was held in Beijing


“2020 China-ASEAN Celebrating New Year & Enhancing Cooperation Activity” was held in Beijing on 14th January 2020. Representatives from ASEAN countries as well as Chinese representatives gathered together to celebrate New Year and discuss cooperation.More than 200 people, including officials from the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of foreign affairs of China, the embassies of 10 ASEAN countries in China, the heads of major business associations of China and ASEAN countries, representatives of entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, and news media of China and ASEAN countries, attended a series of activities. China Hydraulics  Pneumatics & Seals Association(CHPSA) won the "2019 Chinese industries and Enterprises Cooperation Award for docking of ASEAN ".

Vice Chairman Mrs. Cheng Xiaoxia was invited to attend the conference and received the award on behalf of CHPSA.


China-ASEAN Business Council (CABC) and ASEAN Committee Beijing (ACB) have co-hosted the annual New Year party for 21 consecutive years, aiming at promoting good-neighbourliness and economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN.  The series of activities include: Dialogue Meeting on ASEAN Business Opportunities, Awarding Ceremony, New Year Party, Economic, Trade and Investment Cooperation Conference  with ASEAN.

Former Director of the Asia division of the Ministry of Commerce of China, Lu Kejian, host the conference. Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to the People’s Republic of China, and chairman of the ASEAN Beijing committee office, H.E Arthayudh Srisamoot; and Executive President of China ASEAN Business Council, Xu Ningning, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to the People’s Republic of China, and chairman of the ASEAN Beijing committee office, H.E Arthayudh Srisamoot


Arthayudh Srisamoot said that a series of activities to welcome the Spring Festival together are of positive significance for enhancing bilateral cooperation. China has long been a good neighbor, friend and partner of ASEAN. China welcomes China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative and China supports ASEAN community building and ASEAN's central position. These will help to achieve regional peace and prosperity.

Executive President of China - ASEAN Business Council, Xu Ningning


Xu Ningning said in his speech that 2019 marks the 16th anniversary of China ASEAN strategic partnership. In recent years, the growth rate of trade between China and ASEAN has accelerated, which has exceeded the average growth rate of China's foreign trade. In October and November 2019, ASEAN ranked first in China's foreign trade volume for two consecutive months. China has become ASEAN's largest trading partner for 11 consecutive years, and ASEAN has become China's third largest trading partner for 9 consecutive years. "

President Xu also said that from January to November 2019, the trade volume between China and ASEAN reached 578.04 billion US dollars, an increase of 7.5% over the same period of last year; the trade volume between China and ASEAN countries accounted for 1.2% of China's total foreign trade volume, and in 2019, China's top three trading partners ranked as: EU, ASEAN and the United States.

President Xu said that the guiding opinions on promoting high-quality development of Trade issued by the state this year is of great significance for promoting the new development of China ASEAN trade. He suggested that enterprises should ensure product quality, speed up brand cultivation, enhance trade innovation ability, and constantly optimize trade structure in developing trade with ASEAN; actively pay attention to and participate in industrial cooperation between the two sides, promote effective interaction between trade and investment, build a new industrial chain with complementary advantages, and lay a solid industrial foundation for trade between the two sides; make good use of China ASEAN free trade area policy, and work with ASEAN Enterprises play the role of industry and commerce, promote the new development of regional economic integration, and work together to develop a broader international market.

The selection of "2019 Chinese industries and Enterprises Cooperation Award for docking of ASEAN ", jointly organized by China - ASEAN Business Council and ASEAN Beijing committee, has been successfully held for eight consecutive years, presenting awards to the successful trade associations and enterprises of the year. This activity aims to summarize the successful experience of cooperation and development between enterprises and trade associations of China and ASEAN countries, affirm the achievements, and encourage both sides to play the role of bridge and main force in trade and investment between China and ASEAN countries.


Former Director of the Asia division of the Ministry of Commerce of China, Lu Kejian

◆ 2019年度中国走进东盟成功企业奖单位

2019 Successful Chinese Enterprises Entering ASEAN

China Nuclear Industry Construction Co., Ltd


China Huadian Technology Group Co., Ltd


Zhongce Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd


Hengyi Industrial (Brunei) Co., Ltd


Guangdong Haida Group Co., Ltd


Shanghai Shanmei environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd


Shandong Yingke environmental protection renewable resources Co., Ltd


Qianjiang Investment Management Co., Ltd


Beijing Guohua Power Co., Ltd


China Datang Group Overseas Investment Co., Ltd

◆ 2019年度东盟走进中国成功企业奖单位

2019 Successful ASEAN Enterprises Entering China


Kaide group, Singapore


Singapore Maoming Juyuan Agriculture Co., Ltd


CP Group


Thailand dudei Co., Ltd

菲律宾SM Prime控股公司

SM prime holdings, Philippines


Philippine Cebu Pacific Airlines


Vietnam Zhongyuan Group Co., Ltd


Vietnam Guangxi caihuiyuan Food Co., Ltd

缅甸Yathar Wathi公司

Myanmar yathar wathi company


Malaysia Zhuhai ohm kitchen appliances Co., Ltd

◆ 2019中国省市对接东盟合作奖单位

◆ 2019 Chinese Provinces and Cities Cooperation Award for docking of ASEAN

Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province


Quzhou Municipal People's Government of Zhejiang Province


Yongzhou Municipal People's Government of Hunan Province

◆ 2019 Chinese industries and Enterprises Cooperation Award for docking of ASEAN


China Federation of electric power enterprises


China Plastics Processing Industry Association


China Heavy Machinery Industry Association


China Hydraulics and Pneumatics & Seals Association


China Building Materials Federation


China Leather Association


China Federation of industry and Commerce

China Hydraulics and Pneumatics & Seals Association lead the industry and branches took active actions to go to Malaysia, Thailand, etc., actively promote industrial cooperation and enterprise docking between the two sides, and played a positive role in promoting China and ASEAN Industrial Economic and trade cooperation and industry enterprise docking.


Won the award of “Best Partner" by the Committee of SMEX in 2018


Won “ Chinese industries and Enterprises Cooperation Award for

docking of ASEAN” in 2019


Vice Chairman Mrs. Cheng Xiaoxia took the stage to receive the award and expressed her gratitude to the China - ASEAN Business Council and the embassies of ASEAN countries for their recognition and trust in the work of the association. She hoped that in the new year, the two sides would continue to enhance friendship and work together to help China and ASEAN countries develop high-quality industrial cooperation and common development.



During the meeting, Vice Chairman Cheng Xiaoxia exchanged cordial greetings with President Xu Ningning and officials of the embassy, wishing a happy New Year!


Mrs. Cheng Xiaoxia and President Xu Ningning


Mrs. Cheng Xiaoxia and Mr. DAO Viet Anh,

Commercial Counselor of Vietnamese Embassy in China


Mrs. Cheng Xiaoxia and Ms. Chiyawan Chongvatana,

Minister Counsellor (Commercial) of Royal Thai Embassy

Philippine ambassador to China, Jose Santiago L. Sta. Romana expressed new year's message: congratulations to the successful enterprises, governments and business associations of China and ASEAN, thanks to the outstanding efforts made by all the winners in the bilateral cooperation, and hopes that both sides can further enhance mutually beneficial cooperation. ASEAN welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest.

Finally, the representatives of 10 ASEAN countries and Chinese participants raise their glasses and wish a happy New Year!