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VIP Delegation Group PTC ASIA 2018


During the exhibition, under the leadership of Dr. Althusmann, Minister of Economy, Labor and Information of Lower Saxony, Germany, and Dr. Guchow, Board of Directors of Hanover Exhibition Company, Germany, the delegation of German Lower Saxony VIP delegation group visited PTC ASIA 2018 and came to the exhibition stand of Shanghai Guorui Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. Ms. Cheng Xiaoxia, Vice President of CHPSA, Mr. RuanRuiyong, Chairman of Guorui Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. and Manager ZhengJianming warmly welcomed the group. Chairman Ruan introduced to the distinguished guests the new products of Guorui Hydraulic Press and its trade cooperation in Germany, as well as its participation in the Hanover Trade Fair in Germany in recent years. He said that he would continue to participate in the Hanover Trade Fair in 2019 and carry out more cooperation projects with European enterprises.

Dr. Guchow was pleased to introduce to Minister Althusmann that China Hydraulics Pneumatics and Seals Association are long-term and sincere partnership with Hanover Exhibition Company of Germany that have made joint efforts to cultivate PTC ASIA exhibition.

Members of the delegation included German Lower Saxony Parliamentarians, Universities, Research Centers, Chambers of Commerce, Chinese Representative Office in Lower Saxony, Germany and German Enterprise Representatives, etc.

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