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2017 Cross Strait Networking Event in Shanghai


China Hydraulics Pneumatics and Seals Association (CHPSA) and Taiwan Fluid Power Association (TFPA) held a networking event in October 30, 2017, shanghai. More than 20 industry colleagues from Taiwan fluid power association attend the networking with Chairman Zheng Zhenzhong and general secretary, Gao Mingxiang. CHPSA Vice Chairwoman Cheng Xiaoxia, Director of Expert Committee Sha BaoSen, Deputy Director Wang Changjiang, special adviser Zhang Haiping and Wang Xiongyao, Secretary General Mr. Rao Tao join the networking event.

Ms. Cheng said in his speech: “First of all, we sincerely appreciate TFPA for attending and support PTC ASIA Exhibition for more than 20 years. Taiwan Pavilion is the important partners to PTC ASIA, again this year to participate the exhibition, fully show the profound friendship of both sides of the industry association, we support each other, mutual trust, push the fluid power development and cross straits cooperation to a new height.

Mr. Zheng Zhenzhong said: Taiwan pavilion have been attending PTC ASIA for more than 22 years back to 1995, we have witnessed the rapid development of cross-strait hydraulic and pneumatic industry for the past golden years, and through exchanges and mutual visits between both sides, we have established a profound friendship. Recalling the past glory, looking forward to the future development, still need to continue to struggle on the two sides of the industry, and strive for the good prospects of the cross-strait hydraulic and pneumatic industry. Wish the conference and exhibition of the two sessions prosperous and prosperous; wish the cross strait hydraulic and pneumatic industry flourish!