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Guangling Industry Park Hydraulics (Shanghai) Explanation Meeting held at PTC ASIA 2016

Guangling Industry Park (GIP) hydraulics (Shanghai) explanation meeting was held at November, 2, 2016 during PTC ASIA hosted by GIP, which aims to promote GIP in Yangzhou, and to build a world hydraulic industry base jointly.      

Domestic and foreign important guests were: Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association (CHPSA) Vice Chairwoman Ms Cheng Xiaoxia, Director of the Committee of experts Mr. Sha BaoSen, Special Adviser Mr. Zhang Haiping; German Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Association (VDMA) Fluid Power Branch Chairman Mr. Christian H. Kienzle; Italy Fluid Power Association Chairman Mr. Di Monte Domenico, Secretary Mr. Ing. Marco Ferrara, etc. There were more than 60 entrepreneurs and experts were invited to attend the meeting. GIP Deputy Director Mr. Xia Yuanbiao hosted the meeting; Director Mr. Yu Zhirong gave welcome speech. Mr. Kienzle, Mr. Di, Monte and Ms. Cheng Xiaoxia made the presentation respectively. 

Director Yu Zhirong introduced GIP hydraulic industrial base, since Hayward machinery as the origin, the park has successfully gathered nearly more than 40 hydraulic enterprises from 10 countries and regions, covering hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valves, steel enterprises, and engineering machinery, hydraulic machinery, CNC machine tools and other applications, formed a "upper middle and lower reaches of the industry chain, with annual output value of over 30 billion yuan, has become an important force in hydraulic industry in Yangtze River delta. GIP actively strengthens cooperation with domestic and foreign industry associations, successively with VDMA, Italy Association, and CHPSA etc. to achieve cooperation in the project introduction, product promotion, enterprise cooperation, technology R & D, capital operation and other aspects, to provide personalized service for investment projects. He hoped that more domestic and foreign enterprises join together to form a hydraulic industry base with international influence!

Mr. Kienzle and Mr. Di Monte introduced the development situation of Germany and Italy fluid power industry respectively, as well as the cooperation between the two countries and GIP.

Ms.Cheng Xiaoxia talked in his speech, that GIP hydraulic industrial base has always been focused by CHPSA, with many times visitation of the park and enterprises, guide and witness the establishment of Guangling Hydraulic Association, and actively promote the park construction and industrial development with local government. By here, thanks for the support and efforts of Guangling district government, to promote the international cooperation and progress of hydraulic industry. Wish to work with world associations and to create a better future for the world's fluid power industry!