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CHPSA and TFPA Social Gathering in PTC ASIA 2015 in Shanghai


Host by China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association, Taiwan Fluid Power Association, and Hydraulic Pneumatic and Sealing magazine, the CHPSA & TFPA Social Gathering 2015 was held in 28th October during PTC ASIA 2015 in Shanghai. Nearly 40 industry colleagues attend the meeting from Taiwan district, led by Chairman Wang Shi zhong and Director General Gao Ming xiang.  From CHPSA, Honorary Chairman Mr. Sha Bao Sen, Vice Chairwoman Chen Xiaoxia, Expert Commission deputy director Wang Changjiang, Secretary Rao Tao, pneumatic professional branch President Lu Bo, and vice president Cao Jian Bo, Deputy Secretary General Qu Shijie, Lian Ren Zhang and other participants. Vice Chairwoman Cheng Xiaoxia host the meeting.

Mrs. Cheng said, PTC ASIA exhibition is a international fluid power industry event has successfully held the twentieth session, which set up a exchanges, cooperation and win-win platform for world's fluid power families. Many thanks for many years support and participate in the PTC show of TFPA, cherish every year when we meet PTC. We cherish and look forward to gather every day, like on both sides of the hydrodynamic colleagues friendship forever, win-win cooperation, hand in hand together, sing better tomorrow!

Mr. Sha Bao Sen and Mr. Wang Shi Zhong both made a speech introduced overview of fluid power transmission and control the development of the industry in China, and expressed the cross-strait exchanges are very important to both sides of the industry colleagues in the transformation and upgrading of the critical period, continue to strengthen communication, share valuable experience, work together to overcome difficulties, create brilliant on both sides of the fluid power transmission industry!

Mr. Wang Shizhong also said that the two sides are facing industrial upgrading, business transformation, these difficulties and challenges are still to be cross-strait hydraulic and pneumatic enterprises to sum up the successful development of the past experience, to explore the future development strategy, complementary advantages, create mutual benefit and win-win situation!

In the meeting, Wang Changjiang, Lupo, You Pingzhen, Chen Yaojin speak respectively on how to study and promote the industrial 4.0, technical exchanges and trade cooperation, they put forward good suggestions.

The dinner finished in a warm and friendly atmosphere, both sides looking forward to meet again!