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Sino-Japan Fluid Power Water Hydralulic Technical Conference

 China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association (CHPSA) and Japan Fluid Power Association (JFPA) jointly organized the 2016 Sino-Japan Fluid Power Water Hydraulic Technical Conference in shanghai during the PTC ASIA 2016. General manager of JFPA, Mr. Tatsuya Fujiwara, Chairman of ADS Technical Committee (JFPA), Dr. ENG Shimpei miyakawa, Japanese Ministry of Economy Department(Mechanical Branch), Ms. Rie Abe, and expert Mr. Xiao Xinzhi participate in the Conference. Vice Chairwoman of CHPSA, Ms. Cheng Xiaoxia, Director of Expert Committee, Mr. Sha BaoSen, Special Adviser Dr. Zhang Haiping, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Li Zhuangyun, Liu Yinshui, and Li Baoren, Zhou Hua of Zhejiang University, Jiang Jihai of Harbin Institute of Technology, Wu Xiaoming of Yanshan University, Hou Jiaoyi of Dalian Maritime University, Cui Yongda of Nanjing WeiWeiDa Hydraulic Pump Technology Co., Ltd., and  Chief Editor Mr. Song Jingqi of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals magazine, etc. participate in the Conference . Meeting hosted by Sha Bao Sen, and Vice Chairwoman Cheng Xiaoxia and Mr. Tatsuya Fujiwara made the welcome speeches respectively.

Dr. ENG Shimpei miyakawa first introduced the development Japanese hydraulic transmission system (Aqua Drive System, abbreviation ADS), he believes that ADS is seeking to introduce "lightweight" safe and secure, green (pollution-free) market, where the hidden value added no previous value. After that, he introduced the Japanese have been ready to put forward the idea of the ISO international standard of ADS, hoping to listen to the comment of Chinese side, in order to make recommendations for the development of ADS international standards.

Professor Liu Yinshui make a special statement on the research work done by Chinese universities in fire, seawater hydraulic components, desalination and other aspects. Dr. Zhang Haiping was invited to introduce the situation of Water Hydraulic Research in Germany, and talked about some of his personal understanding of water hydraulics.


Subsequently, the experts had a live discussion of the development of water hydraulic technology, Mr. Sha Baosen tells his experience on water hydraulic technology for many years; Professor Zhou Hua also said they had thought about the development of water hydraulic standard, and also encountered the same problem with Japanese, hope to develop the two party cooperation to promote the ADS international standard; professor Li Zhuangyun the doyen in Chinese water hydraulic, he believes that if it is too difficult to establish separate water hydraulic standard, will we consider additional water hydraulic pressure as the fire-resistant hydraulic fluids standard.

Some experts also hope associations to lead the standards promotion and other related work, Ms. Cheng Xiaoxia said immediately, that CHPSA will carry out this issue with experts from both China and Japan to promote the development of water hydraulic technology.

Conference was successful, and look forward to carry out a deeper level communication of water hydraulic technology and the development of relevant standards.